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How can we help your business perform at its best?

In today’s era of digital disruption, traditional business models must be reinvented to produce sustainable growth.

Our solution is to build a strategically-aligned operating model which synthesises the optimum blend of people, processes and technology to heighten collaboration between stakeholders and make organisations faster, more productive and more responsive.

If you are looking to start, manage or turnaround your business, CCGM Business Advisory would love to offer you guidance and help accelerate your transformation.

Our approach – the 4 fundamental areas of business



We manage operational challenges by simplifying internal business procedures. We help streamline mundane tasks by automating processes with technology. Our strategies are tailored towards each individual client to provide the best practices that lead to significant operational advantage.



We identify the best strategies to make informed financial decisions that lead to significant monetary growth. We carefully allocate company resources to meet strategic goals, and forecast the financial outcomes in line with budget predictions.



We combine industry expertise with tailored marketing strategies to drive higher sales productivity. Our refined approach towards digital marketing leads to significant business growth.


Human Resources

We focus on people to manage human resources. We know what a good HR strategy looks like and we make effective use of key players to deliver a sustainable, safe and healthy workplace environment.

What we do



We determine the best practices that will automate your business processes so you can save time and money. We develop custom functions tailored to your needs and integrate the applications into your daily procedures.



We set up and manage business budgets – the most important tool a business can have. We help forecast income, expenses and cost of goods sold to meet financial goals.


Cash Flow Management

We help create, monitor and control cash flow forecasts. We track how much money goes in and out of your business to spot trends, analyse changes and tackle financial issues.


Website Development

We design and build web applications customised to your business needs.


Search Engine Optimisation

We offer a suite of SEO packages to suit your needs. We specialise in developing and executing SEO strategies such as gaining new leads, increasing exposure for your business and generating revenue.


Pay Per Click

We offer a suite of PPC packages to suit your needs. Our expertise ranges from Adwords and Adsense to Facebook and Linkedin advertisements. We manage your campaign from start to finish and provide clear, measurable results.


Website Security

We ensure that your systems are updated with the latest security measures to mitigate cyber risk and protect your assets online. We keep your website safe, minimise threats and maintain your customers’ confidence in your business.


Website Maintenance

We maintain your website at an hourly rate or an agreed monthly package, so you can keep your website up to date. We have over 15 years’ experience in coding, including WordPress, JavaScript, and SQL, so we can help you change images, update web pages or even create new functionalities on your website.


Leadership Development

We identify individuals with leadership potential and expand their capacity to excel in their roles. We offer training days and extended courses that encompass in-house activities, conferences, and for remote workers, comprehensive webinar tutorials, to promote growth and productivity.