SEO in a competitive space
Discover how we achieved exponential growth for our client through SEO.

In 2019, one of CCGM Business Advisory’s award-winning clients in the highly competitive insurance industry requested our SEO services after appearing outside of the top 50 search results on Google. The client provided us with targeted keywords, with an aim to drive traffic and organic visibility.

In order to ensure top ranking results, we considered various factors: website load speed, functionality, title tags, meta descriptions, sitemaps and more.

With our industry-specific expertise and experience, we implemented a number of proven SEO strategies including:

  • 1Website auditing to gain insight into the company’s current SEO performance
  • 2Identification of keywords the target audience uses in the search engines
  • 3Increasing the number of quality backlinks
  • 4Curating compelling content that is directly relevant to the audience’s queries
  • 5Improving page load times
  • 6Positioning the company locally on Google Maps
  • 7Monthly Google Analytics reporting.

In the highly competitive insurance industry, CCGM was able to position our client on Page 1 of Google’s search results from outside of the top 50 for all the selected keywords. With SEO being a critical element in driving organic traffic, the client was able to enjoy heightened exposure and reach. We generated qualified leads which converted into sales and developed a strong online presence for our client, who continues to maintain their high rank on Google’s search results.

CCGM Business Advisory has a team of highly trained professionals in the area of SEO. We are a flexible and agile organisation that stays ahead of the game by constantly learning and adapting to the rapidly evolving search engine practices.