Explore the actions you can take to streamline your digital channels and reach your target audience.

What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing broadly encompasses all of a business’s online marketing initiatives. It occurs through digital channels such as search engine optimisation, social media, email newsletters, online advertising and websites.

Why create a digital marketing strategy?
1. Brand awareness: increase the number of people who know about your business and its products and services.
2. Lead generation: reach more people and convert your prospects into customers.
3. Growth from existing customers: develop long-term relationships and increase sales revenue from existing customers.

Use metrics to measure your progress towards your goal, which specify a time limit, such as:
● X number of leads from a downloadable eBook
● % of existing customers to use a new service within the year
● % impressions growth on social media in one month


What will a digital marketing strategy look like?
In order to set your digital marketing strategy, you will need to:
1. Set a measurable goal, for example 100% of current customers should know about X service. Email and social media marketing will be implemented for 3 months. After 4 months, there should be a 20% increase in revenue in X service.
2. Understand who your audience is. Make a list which includes their demographic, interests, needs, challenges, goals etc.
3. Understand your own brand. What value do you offer?
4. Know your competitors. Who are your direct and indirect competitors? How do you differ from them and how can you improve on them?
5. Set up KPIs involving views, engagement, click-through rate, leads etc.

Your digital marketing techniques can include:
● On-page SEO audit
● User experience
● Paid search ads
● Display advertising
● Sponsored social media posts
● Email marketing


How do I implement these strategies?
Effective digital marketing requires a significant degree of experimentation and reiteration. It will take time for your business to get it right. Get creative and focused and you will see your strategy achieve results.

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