Digital automation for an industry association
Learn how we helped a national industry association automate their membership management system.

In 2019, CCGM Business Advisory’s clients requested us to develop an automated contact management system. They wanted a fully functioning automated internal system which would manage the entire process of someone becoming a new member of their insolvency association, paying for their membership, through to the membership renewal and expiration.

We designed the new system with automation as the focal point to save time, save money, and avoid human error.

We analysed the existing system and devised a plan to categorise and incorporate the requested features into the new automated system.

Membership Registration
We digitised the manual membership registration form by designing and building the entire process on our client’s website. This would allow new members to register for their membership electronically. It makes the process much more simple, as our client can direct prospective members to the website as a central resource centre, and prospective members also have the freedom to browse around the website and choose to register in their own time.

We ensured the payment process would be very simple. We connected the payment portal to the registration form, so that new members can sign up and pay for their membership all at once.

Membership Expiry
We automated the system to create membership renewal notifications. This meant that all members would be reminded of their upcoming membership expiry via email.

CCGM Business Advisory automated our client’s membership management system, thereby saving them time, money and the potential of human error. This process enabled our client to put the resources to other areas of their association which required attention, and they have the peace of mind knowing that their membership system can run itself.

CCGM Business Advisory has a team of highly trained professionals in automation. We are constantly learning and adapting to the best possible practises to streamline operations and save our clients time and money.